Best Officer at Bangladesh Military Academy

Heartfelt congratulations to the respected Platoon Commander of Daffodil International University BNCC Platoon, PUO Engr. Md. Zahirul Islam for being the best BNCC Officer at Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA), Bhatiary, Chottogram. His determination, sincerity, and hard work paved his pathway ahead for being the first professor in the history of Daffodil International University who achieved this very prestigious opportunity. It is a very proud moment for the platoon as well as for the institution. Soon he'll be commissioned as a Bangladesh National Cadet Corps officer with the rank lieutenant and will be promoted gradually. He became Professor Under Officer (PUO) and joined DIU BNCC Platoon on 23rd March 2015 as the Platoon Commander. May the Almighty bestow him with good health and help him reach the pinnacle of glory and success. - Regards DIU BNCC Platoon.