BNCC Monogram

Red Circles- The Outer Red Circle on the formation sign symbolizes the blood of our martyrs of our great Liberation War.
Black Circle- Black Inner Circle symbolizes the ink, the source of knowledge.
Knowledge & Discipline- The motto of BNCC placed over the black circle.
Golden Circle- Golden Circle represents the Shonar Bangla.
Pyramid- The Pyramid in centre symbolizes with the struggles of life, going up is always difficult and challenging. Cadets should take lesson out of it.
Colors of Pyramid- The tri coloured Pyramid represents the Army, Navy and Air which trains and grooms the BNCC cadets for future leadership.
The Volunteers- The base and the basic of human are to serve as volunteer without any fear or favour . As such the sprit of BNCC is ‘The Volunteers’.
Stars- Stars illuminate and enlighten others. As such cadets should be inspired and motivated to become a star in their dream career.

The Bangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC) is a tri-services volunteer reserve force comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force for school, college and university students.
Students are trained by military staffs and personnel all through the cadetship. BNCC remains high value on the public-military relationship in the society. BNCC cadets work together with Army, Navy, Air Force as well as Civil Defense authority in national integrity and emergencies.

Formation23 March 1979
TypePara-military Reserve Defence Force
HeadquartersSector#06, Uttara, Dhaka-1230
Director General (DG)Brig Gen Nahidul Islam Khan, BSP, ndc, psc
AffiliationsBangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Air Force,
Bangladesh Defence Forces
Ministry of Defence (Bangladesh)
Ministry of Education (Bangladesh)
Formerly calledUTC, UOTC, JCC, BCC