Incentives for Cadets

To motivate and employ in different areas, fewer incentives are provided to the cadets. The major incentives provided to the cadets are as follows:

1. Bonus Marks Through Military Science Subject.
Marks obtained above 50 are considered as bonus marks and maximum 10 bonus marks are added to their result. It affects the division/ class and also their position. Dhaka University allows additional 25 bonus marks, which affect their position also. Chittagong University allows additional CGPA .5 bonus marks for BNCC cadets. Adding bonus marks in other universities are under active consideration.

2. Adventure Training / Study Tour.
Different institutions with prior permission of HQ BNCC arrange adventure training/study tour. In such occasions, necessary expenses are borne from the BNCC fund of that institution.

3. Abroad Visit.
Under the youth exchange programme between Bangladesh-India, Bangladesh-Sri Lanka and Bangladesh-Maldives. our cadets visits these three countries every year. It has started since 1983, which is reciprocal arrangement.

4. Training Allowances.
Besides, the cadets get training allowances once they join in any training. Other than training allowances, they also receive daily allowances while on any activities in BNCC.