A. Military Training. The military training syllabus accomplishes elementary knowledge on following subjects:
(1) Drill
(2) Weapon training
(3) Field craft and physical training
(4) Organization
(5) Minor tactics
(6) Military history
(7) Military science
(8) Unconventional warfare
(9) Map reading
(10) First aid, hygiene and sanitation
(11) Command and leadership

B. Regimental /Wing Training Exercise (RTE/WTE).
Besides the above-mentioned training, the cadets learn comradeship, customs and etiquette, obedience, tolerance and above all discipline in the annual training camp. The training helps them to be more active, diligent and punctual. The annual training camp also breaks the monotony from studies. Debates, sports and cultural competitions are also arranged in annual training camps.

C. Central Training Exercise (CTE).
This training is planned at HQ level. Cadets and earmarked teachers from all the Regiments and the Wings take part in this training. It is conducted at Bipail(BNCC Academy), Savar once a year preferably during winter under the arrangements of HQ BNCC.

D. Battalion/Flotilla/Squadron Training Exercise (BTE/FTE/STE).
To over-come short falls of the platoon level training, Capsule training is organized on an area basis under Battalion responsibility. Cadets irrespective of their institutions are grouped together in the camp area and a 7-10 days crush-training (residential) programme is conducted under the strict supervision of Battalion Commander and Adjutant.

E. Winter Collective Training.
BNCC cadets of senior division participate with the nearby Army Formation during their winter collective training for duration of two weeks.

F. Other Types of Training.
A cadet is also trained on other subjects that help him to build his confidence. These subjects include:
1)Leadership training,
2)Unarmed combat training,
4)Sailing and Pulling course for the Naval cadets,
5)Fire Fighting and Civil Defence course,
6)Independent National Day Parade Training,
7)Advance Leadership Training,
8)First Aid Training,
9)Computer Training,
10)Small Arms Firing Training,
11)Band Platoon Training etc.