Other Activities

Besides receiving military and other types of training, the cadets are also involved in social work like serving distressed people and other nation building activities when it is required. The cadets observe various national and international days like International anti Narcotics Day, Ozone Day, Traffic Week, Hygiene and Sanitation Week,Cleanliness and Literacy Campaign etc. These activities are carried out in the form of rallies, motivation and staging cultural programmes that highlight the purpose. The cadets have participated in nation building and other social and national activities such as:

(1) Tree Plantation,

(2) Blood donation,

(3) Assisting fire fighting,

(4) Disaster relief operation including rehabilitation ,

(5) Relief distribution,

(6) Assisting in first aid, hygiene and sanitation etc.

Various Activities:

1. Community Dev & Social Activities,

2. Prelim Selective for commissioning in the Army Rect in the Army.