PUO Engr. Zahirul Islam

Welcome to the official website of Daffodil International University BNCC Platoon. As a platoon Commander of this platoon, I think this is working as the mirror of this platoon. This platoon is the best in this area. By this website, you can get the information of platoon, notice update, formation of our platoon, training, and activities of our cadets. From this platoon every year more than 50 cadets pass out. We not only launch a website but also make our platoon digital. Our platoon has a dynamic automation server (to maintenance cadets activity), email, social pages, automatic SMS system, online admission system, etc. Our cadets are honest & industrious. They are participating in many social works and play a role to develop our country and nation. Daffodil International University has 3 platoons. Those are – male, female, and a mixed band platoon. The male, female and mixed platoons were opened in the years 2015,2017, and 2019 respectively. The platoon of Daffodil International University was recognized as the best platoon in the years 2017 and 2021. Overall, I hope this platoon will increase its success gradually.

PUO Engr. Md. Zahirul Islam
Platoon Commander
Daffodil International University BNCC, Platoon