BNCC Monogram

Red Circles- The Outer Red Circle on the formation sign symbolizes the blood of our martyrs of our great Liberation War.
Black Circle- Black Inner Circle symbolizes the ink, the source of knowledge. Knowledge & Discipline- The motto of BNCC placed over the black circle.
Golden Circle- Golden Circle represents the Shonar Bangla.
Pyramid- The Pyramid in centre symbolizes with the struggles of life, going up is always difficult and challenging. Cadets should take lesson out of it.
Colors of Pyramid- The tri coloured Pyramid represents the Army, Navy and Air which trains and grooms the BNCC cadets for future leadership.
The Volunteers- The base and the basic of human are to serve as volunteer without any fear or favour . As such the sprit of BNCC is ‘The Volunteers’.
Stars- Stars illuminate and enlighten others. As such cadets should be inspired and motivated to become a star in their dream career.